07 July 2009

I hate "Top Ten" lists. So here is a "Top Twelve".

Top Twelve Favorite Things About California!

12.  Unlike most channels, Lifetime does not have a different schedule for the West Coast.  That means Frasier is on at 7 am and 9 pm instead of 10 am and midnight.  Perfect!  Frasier before work AND after... no matter what my schedule!


10. Pizza Salad - Completely organic pizza in Thousand Oaks.  This place is phenomenal!  After you eat your pizza go upstairs to Tango and Tango and get a manicure & pedicure from Krysta!

9. Finally Jamba Juice is within reach!  Nothing starts your morning like a Pomegranate Paradise smoothie.  It's all fruit!  No dairy and no added sugar.  As an added bonus, there are typically some good looking dudes there.  :)

8.  The 911 Roll at Yomama Sushi in Camarillo.  The rest of the stuff is pretty "eh", but the 911 roll is amazing!  Spicy tuna topped with avocado and rooster juice.  This is the good shit, yo.  Service, not so good.  Salad, wilted and brown.  Fruit flies, kind of a nuisance.  911 Roll, awesome.

7.  The Camarillo Premium Outlets - 160 Stores!  Save 25-60% off everyday!  Check out Spyder Active Sports located in Suite 1316 of the Promenade while you're there
!  :)

6. Flip flops!  Year round!   

5.  In-N-Out!!!  I know when I first moved here I said I preferred Carl's Jr... but after a significant amount of research, I've discovered that I am retarded and In-N-Out is where it's at.


3.  The Breakfast Cafe in Camarillo.  Get the avocado omelet with no onions.  Thank me later.

2.  Everyone here has an adorable accent. I can't get over "for sure".  It's like the "wicked" of the West Coast. <3

Need I say more?

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