10 June 2009

June Gloom & Other Things They Don't Mention Before You Move to SoCal.

When you think about moving to California in June, you generally think of rollerblading down the boardwalk in your cut off jean shorts and half shirt.  You think of playing beach volleyball with Zach Morris and Kelly Kapowski at the Malibu Sands Beach Club.  You think of sunshine, blue waters, sunsets on the beach, sitting outside eating lunch with L.C. and Stephanie Pratt.  Bonfires on the beach, burritos in the sand, getting hollered at by the Chicanos on the boardwalk.  

Think again.

"June Gloom" lingers over Southern California during the late spring/early summer.  While everyone else in the country is digging out their hot pants and tube tops, I'm putting on my sweatpants and crawling into bed after an entire day of not once seeing the sun poke through the heavy clouds.

Mornings are the worst.  There is no beautiful morning sunshine.  It's hazy and cold until early afternoon.  On the good days, the sun will grace us with its presence during the late afternoon.  On the bad days, it will hide behind the clouds like the giant wuss that I always knew it was.

So while you are all sitting in your air conditioning in Philadelphia in June, or taking trips down to the Jersey shore to bake in the sun... Please think of me, 2,800 miles away, in "sunny" California, being incredibly jealous.

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