10 June 2009

State of My Union

Everything from the East Coast has finally arrived - namely my cats and my bed.

I would suggest to anyone moving cross country that you do not utilize We Move Pets.  My cats arrived smelling like public toilets.  The website makes claims of spending quality time with your pets, changing bedding daily, etc.  The towel that I sent along with them was covered in god knows what, and it was very clear that the cats had not been touched for days.  I went to Target and bought every pet bath product they had, and they still smelled like poop.  Thankfully after almost a week, they've pretty much aired out, but the guilt of what I put them through is much harder to wash away. 

On Monday the movers came - this was a much better experience!  I highly recommend using Everest Moving Systems.  Sean and Ben were incredibly helpful in facilitating an easy move, and for this I am very grateful.  Though Everest is a broker, the company that they contracted for my move was easy to work with, and not the sketchy movers that I had expected.

And they didn't break anything!

So in summation, say "no" to We Move Pets and "yes" to Everest Moving Systems.

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