06 September 2009

Californiaaaa. Californiaaaaaaaaa. Californiaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh.

That's the OC theme song. I swear.

Just a quick top four list of the greatest things I've discovered since moving to this big, beautiful state!

#1 Nona's Deli - 1904 Ventura Boulevard - Camarillo, CA (right next to Ola's)
This place is inside of a LIQUOR STORE. It's a hidden treasure! I have to say that it is definitely on par with Chickie's Italian Deli in Philadelphia - and that is saying A LOT. Fresh baked bread, fresh meats and vegetables. This place is phenomenal. There are a lot of reviews saying that it's too expensive - but the sandwiches are between $5 and $7, and to me, that's a steal. For $5.50 you can get the Dennicce - fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil on fresh baked italian bread. Try it once, you'll love it!

#2 Cosmetique - 10744 Washington Boulevard - Culver City, CA
B12 and B Complex shots. Five for $100 or $25 a pop. I've been getting B12 shots for about a year now. Originally I got them once a month from my doctor back east, but out here it's common place for them to be dispensed in medspas or weight loss clinics. I trust this place because they are an outpatient plastic surgery/laser cosmetic establishment, so the person who injects you is actually a board certified doctor. At other places, it can be an esthetician, which I think is pretty damn sketchy. B12 is supposed to help boost your metabolism and give you more energy. Honestly, I think it's just a placebo effect... but when you work in retail, you eat crap, you don't get enough sleep and quite frankly, vitamins are vitamins. Give it a try, it's totally painless and takes about 30 seconds. If you don't like it, don't get it again.

#3 Thai Peru - 5021 Verdugo Way - Camarillo, CA
Best Thai food in Camarillo. If you're a resident of the 603 and have tried Siam Orchid - you'll be duly impressed with this place. Unfortunately they do not have the soy sauce that Siam has, but they do have delicious Tofu Pad See-Ew which is NOODLE TOFU!! Years of searching and thousands of miles from home, I finally find comparable Thai food!

#4 Friends of the Camarillo Library - 4101 Las Posas Road - Camarillo, CA
This used bookstore is located @ the Camarillo Library... you can find pretty much any book you're looking for, and the best part? They're like 2-5 dollars each!! It's amazing. Nearly new, current books dirt cheap. I bought nine books for $21... four of them were actually hardcover, what a steal! Definitely check it out! The best part is, it directly benefits the Camarillo Public Library! Just make sure you bring CASH, they do not accept credit cards!

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